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A green initiative with a 1940’s twist

21 Jun 2017, 11:45


Homleigh care home in Navenby, Lincoln, stepped back in time last Friday and welcomed its residents and guests in a 1940’s spirit. This was organised around a special event at the Residential Care Home – a Spring Garden Party where families and friends were invited to bring the favourite plants of their loved ones – flowers or vegetables – and plant them in the 6 raised plant beds placed in the garden. These were built by the care home in the desire to bring residents closer to nature, to encourage them to spend even more time outdoors and benefit from rewarding gardening activities, either in groups or as individuals.

The wooden raised beds are also wheelchair friendly and at a comfortable height and distance to be used from different angles, and are placed in various locations of the garden for easy access. Examples of what was planted on Friday included a ruby rose, related to the name of one of the residents at Holmleigh – Ruby - , and also resident favourites such as cabbage, radishes and lettuces being grown from seeds.

“It is our intention to promote as many green initiatives as possible amongst our residents and staff and to maintain the community spirit and involvement in such rewarding activities. To see people talk, smile and feel the joy of being together around a raised bed full of colour is amazing in itself”, said the care home manager, Hazel Carelton.

Even more plants will go in in the next few days, when families return, since the weather slowed them down during the party on Friday. Even relatives of previous residents came to join us and took part in the activities or baked cakes for the event.

“Everybody was very supportive and we all enjoyed it very much. We dressed up in 1940’s style and had a best dressed staff competition, raffle, a very good singer and the Women’s Institute also baked cakes and presented us with twiddle mitts they made for the home”, said Amy Robinson, activity co-ordinator at the home.

The residents also created a Memory booklet with images or objects reminding them of what they used to do around the 1940’s.This event will be followed by other similar ones and are meant to promote an active and inclusive atmosphere in the home.

If you would like to know more about Holmleigh care home, please call Hazel on 01522 810298.

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